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Another Great Day!

Hey everyone! Chris here.

It was another fantastic day here on the CEM Campus. The team is really in the groove now and are churning out all sorts of activities for the JEMS and the Grace Children’s Home kids. It was water balloon day on campus and we had all kinds of fun teaching them the water balloon toss! Some got it right away, and some warmed up to it more slowly; but I wonder if we had more fun watching the kids than they did playing the games!

It was another banner day on the hospital worksite as the first ground was broken for pilings that will begin the foundation for the physical plant at the back of property. This will eventually house the generator and provide storage for the entire facility. We will begin pouring the foundation on Thursday!

Greg, Jim and I visited another church this afternoon. It was a longer drive to this little village – about an hour – and ground travel in India is just as thrilling (and terrifying!) as I remembered it. Try to imagine being on a roller coaster with oncoming coasters on the same track and you’ll get the idea! Nonetheless, it was great to see another community of hope and love growing under the care and leadership of Pastor Satish. It was a long drive back in the waning light of the day, but well worth the effort. We drove up on the hospital property as the MTS students let a hand putting the corrugated metal roof on the concrete storage house. It seems like the activity never stops!

This took a little doing, but the team got the name of every child and had them printed on their own notepads. They were given out at chapel tonight and it was awesome to see their faces as they realized that we knew their names! That is an absolutely precious thing to them. In the sometimes impersonal environment of an orphanage; for them to know that someone knows their name and cares enough to think ahead and plan something like this was the highlight of our visit for many. It was also a reminder that there is a God who loves them and knows their name as well.

Thanks for your continued prayers!


2 Responses to “Another Great Day!”

  • I’m so glad that the kids loved their notepads!!! It seemed like such a great idea your team had when I first heard it.

    It’s amazing how just one small thing, one small act of kindness can really brighten a child’s day.

    Thanks for faithfully updating us on your trip and for including pictures as well!

    ~Julianne D

  • How awesome to give the kids such a personal gift – communicating how important they are to you and ultimately how special they are to God.

    When I stopped in at Kensington today several people asked how things were going with everyone. Karl wants pictures, especially of the hospital site! 🙂

    Know that I’m praying for you all and so excited to hear of so many answered prayers already! See you at the airport!