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Bittersweet Endings
Hey everyone –
It was our last full day here at CEM. That was a realization with some mixed feelings as we sat at breakfast this morning. Most of us are looking forward to coming home to be with family and friends, but we are not looking forward to saying goodbye to our friends here. Most of us are veterans of multiple trips and we have made lifelong friendships that are so hard to step back from. The few rookies that we had have made some marvelous friendships as well and have integrated so seamlessly into the rhythm of life here that there’s no doubt that we will see them again.
Okay, here are a few highlights: Jake, the youngest of the team did a great job at the morning chapel sharing his story with the kids. Being adopted himself, it was great to see how he connected with them on a more personal level. It’s amazing how our sad stories can connect us on such a deep level. Jake’s steadiness as he told the story put him among the pros!
Probably the most exciting event of the day was making history at CEM with the pouring of the foundation of the first building on the hospital property. Yeah – Jim and I were looking pretty smooth in the suits that Jaya had made for us! Fittingly, the first piling that was poured was at the far corner of the property, reminiscent of Christ being the stone that the builders rejected becoming the “chief cornerstone”. This is a new milestone of the six-year-old dream that is being realize here. Donors and benefactors have given thousands of dollars and prayed a lot of prayers for this day! It was great to be a part of it!
The rest of the day was spent in the crush of last minute tasks, playing with the kids, and steeling ourselves for the goodbye tomorrow, which will be hard for all of us – even the ones planning to return in February. As for me, it’s looking like a year before I can hope to be back. I’ll leave you now, ‘cuz I want to go and get my last intoxicating drink of the love that those kids have to give.
I’m not sure what our internet capability will be going forward – it’s going to be pretty frantic tomorrow morning with the tearful goodbyes and all of the packing for the first leg of our trip home. Perhaps I’ll get something in as a capstone once we return. Thanks for your continued prayers!

One Response to “Bittersweet Endings”

  • Can’t wait to see you all in person again! And to hear the stories; see the photos…..

    Safe travels home – know that you’re being prayed for and loved!