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Impact India 360
Perspective from the Rookies (Part 1)

Hey everyone! It was another fantastic day here in India. I thought about it and I can only imagine that you are getting pretty sick of hearing from me all the time (ha!), so I’ve enlisted Jill and Sarah to give us a fresh perspective on the day’s doings. Before I go, I’ll just ask you to pray for us as we get into the meat of our work tomorrow. The team will be teaching at JEMS, meeting with officials from the City Council and visiting one of the local churches that Jaya has helped plant!

You’ll hear from Jill and her thoughts on the morning, and then Sarah will share her perspective on the day as well. Have at it, ladies! And may I just say that the dresses that the Sewing School made for you look fantastic!

After breakfast today we took a walk to the local open air market. There were so many vendors selling fruit, vegetables, and even some spices (I mean we are in India – there have to be spices, right?). It was pretty cool to see the look on most people’s faces as we walked through town. I guess they can tell we aren’t from around here. There was one local girl that was standing with her friend who was albino, as I passed she started to laugh pointing at her albino friend then at me. We then walked on to the future site of the clinic. Right now it is just a piece of land, but so was the orphanage a few years ago. I have personally seen what can happen with a little faith and the right people. This place is amazing!!!

We got our first taste of church in India today (some have been before so they are old pro’s now). There is a small space that filled up quickly, the overflow was on the steps outside. We all sat on the ground for about an hour and a half (my bum quickly went numb). They sang and prayed and talked about how we are all one family under God. After the service they lined up to ask us to pray for them. It didn’t matter to them that they didn’t understand us, they just wanted us to pray for them. Renee, Sarah and I took a tour of the sewing school where there were a dozen or so girls sitting around in a circle on the floor embroidering the same piece of material for one Sari. In another area there were 2 sewing machines where me and Sarah’s Salwar suits were being created. We couldn’t believe that they were sewing on the detail all by hand and making us cloths, I can’t wait to wear it. It has been an amazing time already and we have only been here about 24 hours. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring.