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Safe at CEM!

Hey everyone –

It’s 8 pm here in Rajahmundry and the evening call to pray from the local mosque has just rung through the languid air. Just wanted to drop you a short to let you know that we were all safe and have arrived at the CEM Campus.
Getting here was a little more complicated than we thought it would be. National elections are coming soon and a long time local political dignitary had flown in just before our plane did. Try to imagine what a pain getting around town can be when Air Force One flys into Detroit Metro and you’ll have some idea of what we were dealing. This guy’s plane was quite a bit smaller, but the crowds were truly enormous.

When the airport finally cleared of the crowds, we were informed that the crowds that had left were keeping our bus from reaching us. So, faced with waiting over an hour or walking perhaps ten minutes, we decided that this was one time it wasn’t such a bad idea to follow the crowd!

When we finally arrived at the CEM campus, we were greeted with one of the funnest traditions of these mission trips: The CEM Greeting Gauntlet! Each team member walks through the crowd while being pelted with very well-place wads of flower petals. I swear these kids’ ability to catch you with your mouth open gets better every time I come!

Nonetheless, it was great to see the kids; and after all the baggage was dropped off in the rooms, the team dove in to engaging with them! Pick up games of soccer, kickball, hokey-pokey, and any other game you can imagine were employed, but it didn’t even put a dent in the kids’ boundless energy. We were all spent by dinner time and are now settling in for a well-deserved evening of rest.

Have a great weekend and keep praying for us!

Thanks from a very tired team – Chris

One Response to “Safe at CEM!”

  • Thanks for the Blog updates. They help keep us aware of your activities and knowing what to pray for.

    Thankful that the team has made it safe and sound to India.

    Looking foward to hearing how the Lord will use you, especially in these next few days.

    Here is a promise from God’s Word. I John 5 “The God begotten are also the God protected. The Evil One can’t lay a hand on them. We know that we are held firm by God.” (The Message)

    Enjoy this experience of His presence in and on your life.

    Gene & Denise Million (Sarah’s parents)