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Waiting in Hyderabad…

Chris here just checking in!
We flew into Hyderabad a few hours ago and all is well with the whole team. I am really struck by how things have changed over the past seven years. The new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – just opened in March – is truly a crown jewel for India and is a testimony to her new found wealth. This massive structure of steel and glass has all sorts of amenities, including a Hard Rock Cafe (gotta get that t-shirt!) and layover lounges where you can relax and freshen up. So for the first time ever, I’ll be coming into the CEM campus having showered and shaved! I gotta tell ya, this missions stuff is suuuuch a burden sometimes! (grin!)

Sleeping on the flights was a challenge for most of us, so we are running on adrenaline and strong coffee to get us through to when we will be greeted by the kids! More is coming soon!


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