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What a Day!

Jim here. I was planning on waiting to do my blog update until the end of the trip but with what transpired today I changed my mind (or Chris changed it for me).
The mayor of Dowlaiswaram shaking hands with me? What is that about? What it is about is a display of God at work forming relationships and bridging any cultural or religious divides. A meeting was held today with not only the mayor, but the entire city council consisting of 20 members. The purpose of the meeting was to acquire full city approval of both the construction and operation of the CEM Hospital, which will provide free health care to the poor. After some tense moments, we were able to secure a letter signed by the mayor and the council granting full approval. Ask for more details!

Speaking of hospitals….this is the site! Today we saw the first activity toward construction as the engineer and masons marked out the foundation and setbacks to begin digging the holes for the pilings tomorrow. This is a very exciting time for us as will finally be able to see the fruits of the generosity of so many committed to this project. This hospital will serve the community’s poor by offering free health care to those who cannot afford it. Praise God!

And now I hand it over to Greg……..’cause i’m tired!

Hey, Everybody. He shouldn’t be tired. He got a nice little nap after his adventures with the city council. And, by the way, while he was napping the rest of the team ventured out to a little neighborhood church pastored by Prabakar Rao, a graduate of the seminary school at C.E.M. He and his wife Susilla are bringing Jesus to a little enclave about twenty minutes from Dowlaiswaram. This church was the real deal. Raw Christianity. Everyday about thirty to forty members meet to love God and love others in what amounts to a glorified hut. It was a privilege to pray and worship with these loving people. Chris was on fire with an improvisational teaching. We got to pray over many members of the congregation before we left. It was encouraging to see yet another example of how C.E.M. is impacting the people of India.

Earlier in the day we got to work with the JEMS kids. Sarah, Jill, Renee, and Holly organized a whole slew of activities for these precious, little ones. Most popular thus far was the making of artsy name tags by each kid. They love nothing more than to show you their names and have you repeat them back. We’re getting pretty good at enunciating some crazy, long Indian names.

Well, that’s it for today folks. This is Greg signing off.


3 Responses to “What a Day!”

  • Congratulations Jim (and team) on securing the letter from the council – that’s great news!! I’m glad to hear all is going well for all of you over there – it’s been fun to read each of yours take on the day and what you enjoyed! Keep up the good work, you are all in my prayers.

    Kelly S.

  • Jim,

    You rock!

    I am so proud of you and your service to further this most worthy hospital project to further Jesus’s heart to a people He deems worthy of His compassion and mercy.

    Love ya bro,


  • Congrats on the new approvals! I can’t wait to see how God uses this hospital to reach so many with his love.

    Sounds like an amazing time at the church service as well. Sounds like a real “Acts” experience!

    Keeping all of you in my prayers!

    ~Julianne D