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What’s up America!!

It was another good day here (a little hot but good). My favorite part of the day is the walk to school. We start out in a very long line 2 or 3 wide and walk about a mile or so through town to drop off the kids. We step in the middle of them and they all want you to hold their hands. They try to teach you Telugu (the local language) all the way there. Everything you pass they give you the translation. They even translate the word for poop (they get a kick out of that one). The best part is when all 100 or so of us get to cross a very busy street with no stop signs or anything. When we get there they each want you to come in and see their classroom. The rooms are open with a few benches for the kids to sit on and not much else. There are no desks, just long benches. After leaving the lower grades at the school we walked back towards the campus and stopped at the high school. Some of the classrooms here did not even have benches, the kids were just sitting on the floor. We were able to play hangman (sort of) with the kids on the chalkboard, they love that one. One of the classes wanted me to read to them out of their books. The story was David and Goliath. As I read the story the kids would say that I was doing a good job. It was pretty funny to hear them say “super” and “good” at my reading skills.

Back at campus we finished the name tags with the smallest kids that are about 3.5 to 4 years old. We started them last night and let the little ones put stickers on them. For the bigger kids we passed out coloring books and crayons and they loved it. They all had a picture to show you. When we would walk in a room all the kids would hold up the picture they were coloring and say “sister, sister look!” They were so proud of them. It was great to see them so excited about such a simple thing.

We had a small glimpse of the kitchen that cooks for all 200 kids and staff for each meal of the day. It was pretty cool to see. The pantry, if you will, is a small cement room with all foods separated and in piles on the floor or shelves built into the wall. Walk through another door and you have a cement area with a few logs for the stove. There are only about 3 women who do the cooking for all each day. They are actually cooking most of the day. Once breakfast is over they start cooking lunch and when lunch is done they start on dinner. It was all pretty amazing. No Kenmore appliances here!!

Renee, Holly, Sarah, Greg, and I took a tour of the clinic today. 2 rooms with 6 beds each, there is also an operating room. Not exactly Beaumont. We were able to sit with a 12 year old boy with a very serious illness, his heart is too weak for him to carry his books. He stays in the clinic during the day while the other kids are at school. His name is Srinivas. We had some crafts for him to make and made him some balloon animals. He wanted a pink dog which is good cause the only animal I know how to make is the dog. Renee sat with him for at least 2 hours playing games and coloring.

The kids have just come back from school and some of the gang is on top of the roof throwing water balloons down on them. When they see you up on the room throwing stuff off it is like the Beatles have just stepped on the stage. I’m sure you can hear them for miles. I am going to head down there and get in on the action.

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One Response to “What’s up America!!”

  • I just LOVE the visual of people on the roof throwing water balloons down on the crowd!

    Kids really aren’t that different the world over, are they?

    Can’t wait to hear more stories!