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This has been such an eventful week and everything seems to have culminated into quite a Thursday! I have already experienced such an array of emotion and it’s only 2pm. I don’t even know where to start- but I will begin with the way my day usually begins here; walking the CEM children to school. It is about a 1/2 mile journey where “journey” is the operative word. On any given trip I have been lucky enough to be attached to at least 4 small hands at a time and have also been attempting (poorly) to learn bits of the Telagu language while dodging small yellow taxis, bicyclists, piles of manure, water bufallo, open sewer systems and snakes on our way to both the middle and high schools. It is always an adventure for me but they seem to manage it twice a day. These children are amazing and they are definitely going to be the hardest part of leaving this place.

Today was unique because 5 members of our team (Lauren, Holly, Marissa, Matt and Myself) had the opportunity to recommit our lives to Jesus and had the honor of being baptized by Jaya, Jeff and Dave at a local waterpark. To clarify, waterparks are not a common occurrence in the streets of Rajahmundri, so I think we all felt pretty privileged. It was such an awesome thing to see the men of CEM’s Missionary Training School (MTS) accompany us and pray and sing for us during the ceremony- it was truly a gift from God.

As we rode the cramped CEM bus back to campus following the baptizm we passed a Hindu burial ground for about the 5th time this week. The significance of what Jaya and the men and women of CEM are doing here was really solidified in that picture for me. It is so hard to look at a place that holds the bodies of so many expired Hindu lives and not feel an eerie sense of loss and frustration. The vision of the CEM MTS graduation ceremony from the previous night really stands out to me as a stark contrast and answer to this devestation. God is working in amazing ways in Rajahmundri and it is awesome to see Jaya sending so many strong men and women of God into the country to share his love. I can only imagine what he has in store for each one of these graduates and I am so blessed to have witnessed this picture of hope first hand.

As yesterday was the MTS graduation, most of the MTS students- who I have really grown to love over the past week- left this morning to head home with their families and continue the work God has for them in their home towns. We had a small chapel service and communion followed by tearful goodbyes, lots of prayers and lots of hugs and kisses. I am so glad to have entered into the lives of these people and find it amazing to think about how we will all be able to communicate freely (no language barriers) and will be “home” when we meet up again in Heaven. Amy

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  • Amy,
    I have this visual of you “running” the kids to school through the busy streets of Rajahmundri! I’m glad your training is on hiatus for now 😉

    When I saw the picture of you recommitting your life to Jesus it brought a huge smile to my face. You are strong and beautiful sister in Christ.

    See you soon!