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Heart Surgery

Each trip for me is an experience of Jesus changing my heart of stone into a heart of flesh that beats loudly and regularly for precious people he loves so dearly. Another chunk of stone was chipped away and although painful like any heart surgery, it in the end is so worth it. A hunch over woman who I have seen now for the last four years comes again for hope and prayer for healing of her backbone ravaged by years of skeletal flourosis. I layed my hand on her hardened back and could not speak any words. Instead a piece of stone was chipped away in my heart, sobbing I saw Jesus incarnated in this desparate woman’s need. We not only take Jesus, we go to him. “In as much you have done it to the least of these… have done it to me”. He is the motive and He is the end.

The Hindus’ are a deeply religious people. They are sincere seekers of Truth. The problem is nearly all of them are consumed by their daily needs. They cannot afford to think, contemplate, read, listen to the Truth. They must experience the Truth in action. This is what will reach this kind and gentle people. The future hospital will be a game changer indeed with thousands experiencing Truth through compassionate medical care. Another chuck of stone chipped away and a heart beating with compassion for these honorable, courageous people.

Walking the Grace Children to school presented a surreal experience of suddenly realizing this is part of what I was made for. As many of you know as the result of Vita’s MS condition we chose not to have children. Yet Jesus gave me a vision years ago that I would be a Father indeed to many children. I am a Father to the the fatherless. I deeply love my children. They are all very beautiful. Weeping as I held their tiny hands walking, another huge rock got chipped away. My heart of flesh beats wildly for my children would call me their friend, their brother, their father.

These are the thoughts and observations of one who has been honored to experience a kind of Heart transformation that only can be performed by Jesus himself. He is the only one who is capable of doing this kind of heart surgery. I trust Him more now than ever in doing His work on my heart. It is so well worth it.