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Here We Go!

Hello to all CEM friends and supporters! As many of you know we are about to embark on another awesome journey to visit our dear friends at the CEM Campus in Dowlaiswaram, India. We have just finished our last of six team meetings and we are certainly both prepared and excited to get on our way. We have an awesome team of 15 going on this trip which is comprised of 1/2 veterans and 1/2 rookies. We have quite a full agenda of things to accomplish while we are on the ground, but the first thing to accomplish is to get there!! The travel itinerary is pretty brutal: Fly out of DTW 5:30 PM on 2/12/2009, 9 hour flight to Amsterdam with a 3 hour layover; fly to Mumbai, India which is about a 10 hour flight with a 7 hour layover; fly to Hyderabad which is just over an hour flight; then to Rajhumundry which is another hour flight. For this we need prayer!! I will be introducing the team on the next blog so that you will be able to put a name with a face. Please continue to follow us on this blog as we will be updating it at least twice a day once we reach CEM. Please comment on the postings as a means of encouragement to our team members and pray that we will allow God to work both in and through us as we serve the beautiful people of Dowlaiswaram. Jim

3 Responses to “Here We Go!”

  • Here is my prayer for the team as you leave for India:

    Dear Almighty and Everlasting Father,

    I lift up this small group of believers that have answered your call to serve in India. Lord, I ask for your protection as they travel into the country and around the country. Lord, I pray that this band of believers leaves for this trip with the heart of Jesus; the heart of a servant. Lord I pray that you help them humbly serve in Your name, being the hands and feet of Jesus. May this group see Jesus in every person they encounter. May they see that every person they encounter is of unsurpassable worth to You and are loved unconditionally by You. As this group works among the people of India, may everyone they encounter see Jesus in the eyes, faces and actions of this team.

    Lord, I pray for unity in the team. May the conflicts be few, may the laughs be many, and may the souls changed be permanent. I lift up Jim as he shepherds this team. I ask for wisdom for Jim in all his decisions and I ask that the team humbly submit to his authority.

    May hearts be touched by the need of workers in India. May those that feel a calling, not hesitate to take the next step.

    In all things may you, Father, be honored and glorified and praised.



    Karen Nicholas

  • God’s Blessings to you all as you begin your journey! You, the children, and the staff will all be in my prayers.

    May God’s presence and strength abide with you all!

    In Christ’s name,

    (Michael’s sister — hi little bro!)

  • God’s blessings to you all on your journey and your wonderful work! You, the children, and the staff will all be in my prayers.

    In Christ,

    Marie Wolfe
    (Michael’s sister)