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Joy in the journey!

Hey, David Droste here – After 36 hours of travel, including 4 flights, on three continents, and a dozen in flight meals, the India team has arrived safely! The joy in the journey comes in two ways; in getting to know the team members in a deeper way through conversation and service, and then ultimately in seeing the CEM staff and children. In our travel, every team member demonstrated exceptional grace and patience as we did the “hurry up and wait” routine over and over. Upon our arrival, we experienced the traditional “over the top” greeting from our Indian friends, including the flower (keep your mouth closed) pelting, and beautiful flower garlands around our necks. After sorting out what will be our homestead for the next week, we ran, played games, and sang with the orphans. Whew, if we thought we were tired before…but the enthusiasm of these children inspired us:). Now for a good nights rest and a busy ministry week begins at 6 am! Please keep us consistently in your prayers…Thanks!

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