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Living Open Handedly

One of the coolest things I have come to love here is visiting the plant churches that past MTS graduates have established in the surrounding area. Five of us visited Ramesh’s village church and we were greeted with such love. They sang for us and we sang for them, we prayed together and we prayed for them, what a wonderful afternoon. Later, I was reflecting on the afternoon and it occurred to me how open-handed KCC really is, because of our open-handedness to CEM, CEM is open-handed to this little village church, what a beautiful circle of a church family.
I also worked in the dental clinic this morning, Dr. Tom was gracious enough to let me assist him and I again see the love and compassion Dr. Sal. Dr. Tom, Folga and Mike and the rest of the dental team gave to these loving people. Working in Dr. Kumar’s office allowed the doctors to fix teeth that weren’t so good and give beautiful new smiles. We were snapping pictures of all the great new smiles, and they in turn were happy to share their new bright teeth.
I would like to share what an honor it is to be here again. Four years ago I found Jesus here at CEM, and although I know Jesus is with me all the time, I feel closest to Him here. This is where I refresh, rejuvenate and re- focus. Seeing the faces of the children, some of which I know their names, and being with Jaya and his family and the staff of CEM is a gift from God.
Lastly, I am grateful for such a great team this year, being one of the older ones on the trip, it is inspiring to see the energy of the team members, they all want to do everything possible here and it keeps me on the move to keep up with them, we are totally exhausted at night, but sleep with smiles on our faces. Thanks everyone for your prayers, so far everyone has been well with no sickness. Before I close I would like to say Hi to Craig, this is my first trip here in Feb. without him on the team and his sense of humor, leadership and compassion is greatly missed. Just yesterday one the kids called Jim, “Craigs brother-Jim”. You are truly on their minds and hearts. Well, I am off to the clinic and another wonderful day being the hands and feet of Jesus and I love it. Holly Griffith –

One Response to “Living Open Handedly”

  • i enjoy reading the blog and hearing about what you are doing. it’s inspiring even here at home to see God working in many lives in many ways.
    happy to hear everyone is healthy!
    hi to lauren, greg, liz, amy, and jim!