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Meet the Team

Here are the members of our awesome Feb ’09 team. Rather than do a write-up for the members myself, I thought I might have them post a bit about themselves as it relates to how many times they have visited CEM and share the calling they have had on their lives to participate in this mission along side Jaya. Look for updates to this particular blog page over the next couple days!


Dr. Sal Aragona
This will be my ninth trip to CEM. I serve as president of the CEM USA board who oversees US funding of Jaya’s work in India. Besides “adopting” all 200 Grace Children as ours, I will be involved in dental care for the desperately poor, a planned town hall event with the area Hindi community and some video clips highlighting the current medical work and future missions hospital. My deep joy is seeing God’s kingdom of love reach these most precious, kind, courageous people.

Amy Orth
“I have never been to India or any short term Mission Trip. I did missionary work in China for a few years with my family when I was younger, but have not been farther east than NYC since then. The people of India and their culture have always intrigued me and I have seen many pictures of the CEM children and can’t wait to experience, first hand, the love of Jesus that is so emanant in their faces. I am really just looking forward to sharing in Christ’s love with both the people of India and our team and soaking in the culture and God’s prevailing presence.”

Holly Griffith
Hi, I’m Holly and this is my fifth trip to the most amazing place. God has truly shared his glory with me, to allow me to be the hands and feet of His son to the people of India. The people of this beautiful country weigh heavy on my heart (all the time), and I am greatful to be able to stand beside them at the medical clinic, dental clinic or at the children’s school and just love them. It is a honor to serve them again.

Dr. Tom Diloreto
This will be my second missions trip to India.I feel God has called me back to serve him by treating people in the dental clinic and sharing the love of Jesus Christ to the beautiful people in India. I hope to gain a better understanding of the Indian culture and values of their citizens, which will increase the mutual respect we have for each other. Every missions trip I have teamed with has been a great spiritual blessing for me and a expansion of God’s kingdom to lost souls. Glory to God!

Greg Gortat
Little did I know on my first trip to India in 2007 that I would be returning for a fourth time in 2009. Something felt “really right” when first stepped onto the CEM campus back then. Now it’s like a home away from home. This time around I hope to, simply, live life with the people of India; to love them as Jesus would. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!

Lauren Vermeersch
Hi, I’m Lauren and this is my first mission and first time to India. I’ve always known I wanted to be apart of a mission team but never had the courage. I finally feel like I’m in the right place in my life and have never been more sure of God’s purpose for me. I am sooo looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me and this amazing team in India! I’ve also pre-warned everyone there’s a good chance I’ll try to take home a few of the kids.
Liz Overstreet
My name is Liz Overstreet. This will be my first trip to India, however my third missions trip to an orphanage in 2 years. Children who are alone in this world have always held a special place in my heart and I have always wanted to shower them with the love their parents couldn’t give them. Something else that is so important to me is exposing myself to those that are less fortunate than myself to remind myself of what I have and to learn from those that have less. I am so excited God has given me this opportunity even though I know it’s going to rip my heart out.

Matthew Droste
This is my first trip to CEM and I am psyched!! I have really enjoyed getting to know the team over the past several weeks and I am even more excited to grow in relationship with them while on the ground in India! I am also looking forward to seeing what God has for me over the next several days and how my life can be impacted by the people of Dowlaiswaram.

Jim Mayes

“Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired”. (mother theresa). This will be my fourth trip to be with the amazing, gentle, compassionate people of Dowlaiswaram, India. As Jesus commanded us to Love God and Love others, so do I feel fortunate to be able to carry out these commands in the midst of such beautiful people! I pray I never tire of this.
Folga Panoti
Hi my name is Folga and this would by my second trip to India. The first trip was a life changing trip for me because that’s when I accepted Christ as my lord and savor. My life as changed ever since and my calling is to become a full time missionary when I graduate from dental school. In this trip I will be involved in helping the poor through dental care. I’m really excited to see what God has planned for me, our team and everyone that we encounter…:))

Jeff Petherick
This will be my fifth trip to India, a place I think of as a second home, with everyone at CEM a family of brothers and sisters. Only God could take a business man whose focus was on the material world, transform his life and put the people of India on his heart. That is what he has done for me, and I cherish the time I get to spend with these beautiful people. My hope this trip is that those in Jaya’s community would see us, not as Christians, but as followers and doers of Jesus Christ’s teachings. If we elevate Jesus Christ, and not our man-made religion, the world will come to know the truth in a powerful way.

Michael Wolfe

This is my second trip to India and I am so blessed to have the love and support of family and friends from Beaumont Hospital. I thank Christ that he has called me to serve and I can’t wait to get on the ground and start “Rock n”.

Dave Droste
God has blessed me with the opportunity to minister alongside the people of C.E.M. and somehow I always end up with the greater blessing! This will be my 6th trip, and I look forward to what God will teach me. This year, I have the added blessing of introducing India to my 19 year old son, Matthew!

Marissa Havers
I love to look at Jesus’ works and daily life, and examine the little things that he did. He simply loved, open-heartedly and boundlessly. I know that it is through God alone that I can be filled with such love and compassion, and I hope to brilliantly radiate God’s love in India. I am merely the lightbulb, and God is the electricity flowing through me.
Megan Mayes