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On Our Way Home

We have just arrived at the Hyderabad Airport which is our first stop on our journey back home. Today has been an amazing day as we were able to walk the GCH children to school one last time before boarding the bus that would take us to the RJY Airport. Saying goodbye to all 210 children is always an emotional event, but I think it climbed a couple of notches on the cry-o-meter this time. We had some people from the team really connect with the children over the last several days, and this was painfully obvious as I watched them say their goodbyes. The children have a way of quickly working into your heart and when you say goodbye it feels like a part of your heart is literally being pulled from your chest to stay with them. The wonderful thing about this is that it serves as confirmation that they truly do feel loved by us when we make these trips to be with them for the week. I am going to leave the details of the morning to a couple others as I feel they will be better at relaying how they personally felt.

I do, however, want to take a moment to let everyone know how awesome the team was this week! I have been on a few trips to CEM both as a team member and a team leader and I can tell you that I was amazed at how well everyone got along, how wonderfully they engaged with the children and staff, how great the team meetings and interactions were, and how it truly defined the word team as everyone worked together for the good of the people and didn’t let petty differences get in the way. It was also great that nobody got sick this week, which is amazing as it seems there is always one. Thank God for that!!!

As far as the ensuing travel, we have just completed the 1 hour flight to Hyderabad where most of the team members took a taxi into town to do some shopping. Some of us veterans (Sal, Dave, Greg, me) opted to stay behind and relax before moving on. We have about a 6 hour layover here and then we will board the plane for another 1 hour flight to Mumbai. After a 7 hour layover there, we will board KLM to take a 9+ hour flight to Amsterdam. Again we have a 3 hour layover and will board the last plane for our final leg to Detroit (except Megan and Marissa)which arrives on Saturday around 2:00 in the afternoon. Please pray that the remainder of our travel will go as well as the travel on the way here went. Thanks for viewing our blog this week and be sure to keep checking as we will post until we are home!!