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Hospital Progress!
Unfortunately the Internet has been down for the last 30 hours or so which has delayed my posting of entries. Subsequently I have forgotten most of what I was going to write so I will just tell you what I have witnessed relative to the hospital construction over the last several days. I have included some pictures of the structure as it looked when we arrived here last week. They don’t really do it justice but trust me when I tell you it is quite a sight. Particularly when you are standing on the top floor and you can look out over the village and basically see everything (and that is without the roof being done which will be 12′ higher). As a point of reference for those of you that have been here, you can see clear over the CEM dorm buildings as well as Jaya’s house. Throughout the week the crew there has been preparing to pour the slab for the fourth floor, which in and of itself was quite a sight, but did not even compare to what we witnessed yesterday as they were actually laying the slab. This process involved 100+ people, 1/2 of which were on the ground and the other 1/2 up top. I am going to upload the photos of this taking place to my Picasa site as there are simply too many to put here. Please go to the link when I send it to you; it is worth it!

I will share one thing in particular that happened while standing on the upper floor observing this mass of humanity performing one of the most difficult forms of manual labor I have ever personally witnessed. Many of the people were carrying pans of mixed concrete on there heads as they walked from one end of the building to the rear (130 feet) over a maze of steel bound together to provide support for the floor. I could barely walk 20′ without nearly tripping 3 times. A majority of the those carrying out this ridiculous task were women that couldn’t have weighted more than 75 pounds and the pots they carry with 50!! You can’t fully appreciate this unless you witness it in person. I have included one picture as a teaser.
As I was preparing to leave the work sight I saw this women carrying cement back and forth. She looked very malnourished and, as you can see, had severe chemical burns on here face. Jaya told me that the burns were likely caused by some abuse, perhaps from a husband as he said many people here tend to be sadistic. The first couple of times I visited CEM I found myself in or near in tears several times. Since those visits until now the tears have wained as I have become a bit accustomed to the way of life here. However, this women brought me down as I began to relate my life and the “challenges” I think I have. I once again began to understand how vital it is that all of us recognize how much bigger the world is than our own back yard and that the human condition of suffering is endless. For me these moments reconnect me to a reality far greater than that of my daily life back home and beckons me to serve, even when it hurts!
That’s all for now. Please visit the link for pictures and you will see what I mean by the work these people perform, oh, and remember it is mid to upper 90s with a humidly near 95%.
This will likely be my last post as I am preparing to leave for the airport in a couple of hours. Thanks to all for your prayers and for taking the time to read a very simple chronicle of some things we have experience here this week. It has been a pleasure having Sal here with me as he is a true brother in Christ and tends to be my calming factor when I get a bit worked up. Thanks Sal!