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The New Church Building Location!

I thought this would be neat for anyone that has been here in the last couple of years. This picture is of the land that, up until recently, had the JEMS building nearest the stage on it. This is the view from near the gate looking back at Jaya’s house. For years this building served as one of two building in which the JEMS children met for school. It was recently torn down so that a new church building can be erected. The opportunity to build this church has been made possible by a very generous, anonymous donation.
This building will serve a multitude of functions in addition to housing the Sunday service where many from the village as well as all of the children, MTS, STS, staff, and family of the staff gather to worship. Other programs that will take place are: 4 chapel services per day, MTS training, Graduation ceremonies for MTS and STS, Pastor conferences, Marriage ceremonies, and many other functions as they arise.
Due to the removal of the building there was a need to find an alternate location in which the JEMS program could be located. In typical Jaya fashion the upper floor of the “new” back dorm behind the girls block was retrofitted to accomplish this, and it is great! Below I have posted two photos; one of this retrofit and one of the other JEMS building that remains in its original location (with a new steel roof replacing the straw roof).
For those who do not know what JEMS is, it stands for Jaya English Medium School. The word Jaya means “victory” in Telegu and is not some egomanical attempt by Jaya to get his name on everything 🙂 JEMS is a private school held on the campus of CEM in which children from the surrounding village can send their children at rates much less than many of the local private schools. These children are either Hindu or Muslim so it is a great opportunity to have them around observing the rest of the children and staff that are followers of Jesus. Currently there are more than 165 children enrolled. Wow!