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A Village Church Visit

Hi Everybody! We had a very interesting experience today. After our usual morning of calisthenics at 5:30 followed by chapel at 6 and breakfast at 7:30, walking the kids to school through the city streets and doing some crafts with those attending the JEM school back at CEM, we spent the afternoon at a rural church in a village named Thougammi.

About a 30 minute drive from CEM we crossed the Godavari (three bridges long), past the hydro power plant, and into the rural area with banana plantations, sugar cane, and rice fields. We saw fisherman throwing their nets into the Godavari from atop pipes spanning the river, buffalo decorated with flower necklaces, more Hindu statues and the first statue of mother Mary and Baby Jesus (Jesus is included in the Hindu pantheon, one of the many things I have learned since first hearing of CEM).

When we arrived in Thougammi we were greated with singing and flower leighs. Naveen did a fantastic job translating Chris’ short sermon on the imporance of humility, we heard a sermon from their pastor who spoke on how Jaya Sankar is a good example of humility in service, then we prayed for their congregation and church and they prayed for ours as well.

We returned in time to play ball, jump rope, and do whatever else the kids could think of and then headed to chapel where Jim led a skit on David and Goliath starring Chris (who plays a seriously mean and very funny Goliath!), Greg as David, Todd as Saul and several of our Indian friends got pulled in for supporting roles. It has been a great week and I think we are all not terribly excited about leaving. We will miss the kids and I will miss this team when I return to Austin.

Please keep our safe travels in your prayers as a storm is heading towards Mumbai (one of our layovers). Also please keep my new friend Swarduma in your prayers. She lost a sister recently and her mother who is a Christian is struggling and trying to make sense of where God fits into the loss of her daughter. Of course keep the children and staff here in your prayers as well. The children are happy and healthy and well cared for both by the staff and each other. The staff here work very long days and we hope to do something to honor them tomorrow evening. Tune in tomorrow to find out 😉

Peace and God bless from Dowlaiswaram-