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A Visit to a Friend
Hello Everyone –

It’s Wednesday night in India, Wednesday morning in America, and I can’t believe we only have one full day left here at the CEM campus before we begin our 30+ hour trip home on Friday.

There are so many experiences that my teammates have written about that I could also echo. This has been an amazing adventure and each day brings new opportunities to love on kids, encourage the hard working staff and witness the Indian culture.

This evening Chris and I were invited to the house of a long time friend – Jaya’s Associate Pastor, Naveen. It is a tradition for Chris each time he has been here, and this time I was able to join him. This was an incredibly humbling experience for me. First, I must tell you about Naveen – he is such a warm hearted servant here – translating for all the Americans who speak at the chapel services, as well as just any time we need help with the Telugu language. He has a warm smile and is so patient with all of our questions and our team’s antics. 🙂 And he arrives at the CEM campus at 5:30 AM and returns home around 9:00 PM every day – seven days a week. The CEM staff work LONG days to serve in all areas of this ministry.

Upon arriving at Naveen’s home, we were welcomed by his wife and two children, as well as a few neighborhood kids who were curious about us – which happens everywhere we go – people staring, running after us waving hello, or even shouts of delight, like we ourselves did when we saw our first monkey along the road today. 🙂 They were very proud to show us their home, which they recently opened up one room for some family members in need to stay for a few nights.

I don’t want this to sound disrespectful, because I have such deep respect for these wonderful people. What is normal for people in India, is beyond comprehension for us. It humbles me greatly to think of all the comforts we have in our own homes, but are constantly pursuing “more”. This family lives with an open sewer running in front of their home and an outside bathroom and water pump out back. And this family has been blessed to have this home!
I have struggled this week in witnessing the conditions here and realizing this is normal for them and it’s wrong for me to push my reality on them. But I still wish for so much more for them. And in the midst of it all, there is so much beauty – beautiful smiles, stunning saris (the Indian woman’s dress), and most evident the sincere hearts who love Jesus so deeply. Such is the paradox of India.

Jocelyn for the Team

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