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Hospitals & Candy

Hello from CEM,
Today has been another long and exhausting but fun filled day. Before I share about today I want to talk about what Margaret and I got to experience yesterday. CEM has a free medical clinic on the campus and Margaret and I were able to spend the morning observing.

We went into the “consultation room” with the doctor while she saw patients. The complaints ranged from abdominal pain, obstetric check-ups, bronchitis, and general aches and pains. A couple patients received IV fluids but most patients received multiple prescriptions and told to return after trying prescriptions. As a nurse in a very large ER it is amazing to see the conditions of this clinic. My first thought was “do they wear gloves??” The equipment for this clinic is very outdated. There is a separate room called the “operating theater” where I am told women deliver babies and they perform hysterectomies, appendectomies, and other surgeries. Let me just say I just hope I don’t need surgery while I’m here!

On the positive side, they are in the process of building a hospital down the road from CEM. The groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital was in November of 2008 when last years team was at CEM. The hospital is expected to be finished in March 2010 and will have 70 rooms and will be staffed by 10 doctors. This is going to be an amazing contribution for the people of Dowlaiswaram! The hospital will allow for much needed care that is lacking at this time.
Although the days are long, and I am certainly not used to getting up at 5am to do calisthenics with the kids, it’s amazing how good it makes you feel when all the kids are yelling your name and want you to stand by them. Walking to school is the same, each kid just wants to hold your hand as they continually make sure you know their name. The moment that touched me today I will never forget. We give candy to the kids every morning after chapel and I always wonder what the kids do with the candy and when they eat it because at home kids tear right into the candy. One of the girls has latched onto me and as I was walking up to my room after dinner she took a piece of the laffy taffy we gave her in the morning and gave me over half of it and said “sista, you eat.” I tried giving it back, but she wouldn’t take it, she had the biggest smile and I could tell it made her feel so good to give me that. These kids probably never have candy and the one piece she had she gave up her half. Wow! How many kids at home would do this? So many people asked me before I left to come here, “Are you going to come home with one?” I wish I could.
Good Night from Dowlaiswaram
Tracy Kott for the team. Now I am switching over to Sarah Million below.

It is Wednesday morning here in India and it seems we accomplish so much before 9:00 am. As everyone back home is heading to bed, the team in India has completed the morning calisthenics, worshiped in chapel, ate breakfast, studied with the children, completed chores and walked the kids to school. Walking the kids to school is my favorite part of the day. Holding their little hands means so much to them and me. They are like every other child around the world. They just want to be loved on. For 20 minutes in the morning, I get to take on a parental role and drop them off at school.

As I think about what we have experienced so far, I can’t help but think about three things that happened on Tuesday. During the day, the team spent time in the JEMS school creating name tags for each child. The kids LOVED this! Even though we may not remember every name, it means so much to them to have someone give them 5 minutes of individual attention and verbally say their name out loud. They just want to be known. Now that the children have name tags, they say, “sista, name?” and flip over their tags to quiz you. They light up with such joy when you remember their names. Even though we can’t know them all, it is comforting to know that God knows them by name and knows their needs and desires. How amazingly compassionate and loving our God is! Every time I think I am going to do something for a child here in India, God shows up and I am reminded of His beauty and power. Who knew you would see God so clearly in India!

Each day we have two opportunities to worship with the children. In the evening chapel on Tuesday, all of the ladies performed a skit. All I can say is IMPRESSIVE! We have such a creative team. We decided to perform a skit based on Luke 8, “The Parable of the Sower.” In order to have the children relate to the verses, we acted them out and played the parts of a farmer, a crow, a devil, four seeds, and a narrator. The children loved this and were very responsive when we asked them what type of soil they think God would want them to be. With a resounding voice, they all said, “the good soil.” The children are so smart and eager to learn about Jesus. This skit was a great way for each team member to get involved with chapel and stretch themselves. Plus, it is really fun to see the kids laughing at you and having fun.

Speaking of stretching ourselves, a nice conclusion to every day is our evening team meetings on the roof overlooking the village. During the meetings we discuss the beauty we see in India, the hurt we see, the emotions we feel and how we are experiencing Jesus. Each meeting, two members of the team reveal a life token that they want to leave behind in India. These life tokens represent a part of us that we need and want to surrender to God. The sharing includes discussing very intimate details and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable about places in our lives that need improvement. The meeting and sharing is great way to wrap up a full day and really take time to just be still in the moment and listen to what God is trying to tell us.

You will hear more soon from other team members.

Sarah Million for the team

2 Responses to “Hospitals & Candy”

  • Tracy and Sarah,
    Though I have not been called to the mission field outside of my neck of the woods, I myself am ministered to as I read your blogs and what God is doing in that part of the world, and through and in children. Thank you for being the “hands and feet of Jesus” in India. To give/get such uncondtional love, WOW! Us Christians here in Americal take soooo much for granted! Thank you for reminding me afresh about the “grace of Jesus”!
    Tracy I can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures! What an awesome experience God have given you, (and ALL of you)!

    Love and Blessings to the entire team, Cindy Kott

  • I love being able to read how God is using you and the team in India! Praying for each of you to be stretched, and that God would allow you to see through his eyes, and not your own! Miss you Sarah!