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Safely at CEM

After many hours of plane travel, layovers, and uncomfortable chairs we have arrived at CEM in one piece, and at peace! While the travel is never fun, it is always well worth it when we arrive here to be so warmly greeted by our brothers and sisters. I am certain that someone will update the blog with photos from our arrival as we received the traditional flower petal pelting! As Chris and I discussed, the ritual has grown to epic proportions as we all had a healthy dose of the flowers end up in our mouths (I think they practice it).

Anyway, the team is doing well, has mostly settled in, shared our first meal in the cafeteria, and received a tour of the campus conducted by Greg. Here’s looking forward to an amazing, educational, exhausting week here in Dowlaiswaram. Jesus, may you be in front of us in all of our thoughts and actions and may they know that we are your disciples by our love for one another.

Jim for the team

One Response to “Safely at CEM”

  • Thank you for letting us know you all are there safely. I so look forward to reading through the blogs during the week how the Lord is going to work through each one of you. Much prayer is going on for all of you during this week.
    May His love, peace and joy fill each of you to exceeding measures!
    God Bless, Cindy K (Tracy K’s mom)