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The Streets, The Kids and The Eats

Hi from the other end of the world…..Today was amazing! (Today being Monday here, but unfortunately the power went out mid blog last night and I am finishing it up Tuesday morning at 4:30AM).

Getting to know the children on a deeper level and realizing that no matter where you are in the world; kids are just kids and truly want to be acknowledged and loved unconditionally. Initially, I was concerned about communicating with them because as I told my new friend Sudu Lakshmi, “I do not speak Telugu“. She would just laugh and tell me “no English” as she continued to hold my hand, smile and help me to learn how to say Sista, Brotha, girl, boy and their plural form in Telegu. I wish I could currently share them with you but after this long day and trying to remember as many names as possible….I just cannot remember, but that is OK because we will take that same walk 2 times a day to/from school (over 1 mile) since the older children are schooled off the campus and we will be able to continue sharing our language differences.

Walking the kids to school is a story in itself…between the bicycles, buses and motorcycles

honking and “unintentionally” running you off the road because there is only room for 1 vehicle, yet there are 2 and a mad biker trying to pass you all at once…LOL..It is truly every man, goat, pig, chicken, random roaming dog and water buffalo for himself. Yes, I did name animals!! Imagine walking down the street and there is a water buffalo laying on the side of the road or the cute little pigs chasing their extremely large mom down the road beside you. While walking you learn that many of the people are constantly working, but always seem to have a bright smile to greet us.
Back at the campus with the GEM kids we did some crafts(coloring and such). This gave them all a small break and time for a little fun and recognition. The kids love to sing and dance so in some of the free time during the day we did the hokie pokie, tried to teach them the macarena and so many others. We also, played the name game all day. This is where they all ask you “my name?” and hope that we remember and when you do it puts a warm smile on their face..this is also when I started my game of asking them back when I couldn’t remember to tell me my name and then we laugh and exchange names.
Now on to the eats….In the mornings we have omelettes (fried eggs with some yummy seasonings), bread and a delicious cup of Lakshmi’s delicious Indian coffee creation made with water buffalo milk. Today we got to finally experience the “Chicken 65” we had heard so much about from others that had been here in the past. It lived up to its rave reviews. The story is that the cubed chicken is seasoned with 65 different seasonings and based on the variety at the market yesterday, I can believe it. The staff and Lakshmi are so attentive to us here and makes us feel right at home. They also, feed you like they were your grandma by making sure you have had more than your share and are full and happy. Side note: Kirk we are having lots of rice so no Pei Wei for a while. πŸ˜‰ I don’t want to forget the homemade cookies that Jocelyn brought for us that we were able to have at the past 2 meetings we have had as a group.
With much love from India,
Tracy Richardson for the team

5 Responses to “The Streets, The Kids and The Eats”

  • Hi Trace,

    Love you! Lettuce wraps for you buddy.


  • Sarah, Tracey, Greg, Jessica, Todd, Chris, & Jim –

    Love and prayers to all of you! I love hearing about the beautiful kids and the wonderful, chaotic streets and marketplaces. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    You are such a blessing to the community surrounding CEM. Thank you for being a conduit of God’s abundant love and grace. Praying that you will continue to be blessed by the love you receive from the children and the Sankar family.

    Can’t wait to hear all of your stories in person!

  • Enjoy the Lakshmi coffee- you will experience withdrawals when you come back!! I’m glad you are having such a wonderful time! Still praying for you all back here and can’t wait to hear more stories about Jaya’s family and those beautiful little children! Not particularly missing the “name game” though πŸ™‚ Good luck! πŸ™‚ – amy

  • Hi Tracy,

    What are the chances that the first day I look at the blog I get to read the one you wrote? I had thought that my friend google would help write something clever in Teluga . . . that was until I realized that they don’t even use the same characters as us . . .opps. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that everyone in group is praying for you and excited to hear all of your stories when you get back. May God shine through you to the people of India, and may the people of India touch your life as well.

    On that note, I’m getting pretty hungry for some Pei Wei lettuce wraps after reading these posts . . . maybe tomorrow.

    Tonia from small group

  • Tracy,
    All of our thoughts and prayers are with you on this amazing journey filled with faith and love. Please don’t get lost.

    God Bless, can’t wait to see your smiling face again soon.
    TSI – Vicki