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Twelve Landed in Amsterdam

Hey everyone – Chris here.

Just as most of you are calling it a night (if you haven’t already), I’m glad to tell you that the first leg of our travel has been safely completed, although it was not totally what we expected.

Unfortunately, a couple of our team members – Jason and Liz – came down with influenza a day or two ago. After consulting with their doctors, they made the hard call to not come on the trip. This is a sad blow right at the outset of the trip, as we would have loved their energy and passion. This would have been Liz’s second trip and Jason’s first.

The good news is that they already have clearance from Delta Airlines to redeem their ticket for the February trip, so India hasn’t seen the last of these two!

In the meantime, the rest of the team is tired, but well and exploring the wonders of Schiphol airport during our four hour layover. Please pray that we can somehow sleep during the flight to Mumbai and hit the ground rested.

More later – your prayers and good thoughts are felt!

Chris for the team

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