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Almost There

It was an interesting gathering in Amsterdam early in the morning on February 13. Arriving from Austin Texas, Detroit, Michigan, and New York City, 21 men and women met after the first leg of their long journey that would take us eventually to Dawlaiswaram, India. Despite traveling through the night, everyone seemed pretty fresh and energetic. Not so much now. The next flight took us to Mumbai, where we waiting for 6 1/2 hours, wishing we could be horizontal. Some were, in fact, on the floor!

We just completed a short flight to Hyderabad, where we wait now for three hours to board for the final time, landing in Rajahmundry just after noon. I think for all of us, we have a growing anticipation to just get there and begin our amazing week. I am happy to report that everyone is healthy and positive despite our long travel. This includes Adam Smart, who courtesy of Delta Airlines, has a bad still in Amsterdam. Prays that is finds its way to us soon!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.
Craig Mayes for the team

One Response to “Almost There”

  • it is always such a blessing, meeting up with new team members in Amsterdam, like a rejuvenation, new excitement. Love you all and hope this adventure is the most enlightening yet. stay well
    Holly Griffith