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Happy Day!

After being at CEM for just a few days I have so many amazing experiences that are hard to express in words how they’ve touched my heart .It’s my hope that the I can carry back with me the newfound sense of faith, love, compassion and peace that I now feel with myself and my life and that I can help others to grow in their faith through what I can share. When I first felt a pull in my heart to come here I wasn’t sure what I could do to help, but I committed and to it and I’m clearly seeing God at work on my heart. By praying, singing in the chapel with the kids, talking and playing games with them I have found what was causing my heart to feel empty. Their days start early usually around 4 and it ends around 9, and it’s full of love and worship for God which explains why there is ALWAYS a smile on their face. They are not lacking anything despite their simple lifestyle and all they ask for is your love and friendship. Their focus is not on theirselves which explains why my heart was feeling an emptiness, my focus was on my struggles and problems. I am learning so much about myself and what just a sincere smile or hug or 5 minutes of sincere listening can do to lift someone up and make all the difference in the world. Just in these few short days I have listened to God speaking to me through the kids and I know that by changing your focus to your faith and focusing on God’s love for you and letting him handle your worries can make such a difference.

For the team,