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Impact India 360
Post Trip Reflections

It doesn’t take much to become like a child when your surrounded by amazing children. Appearances can be misleading though. As joyful as these smiles are, underneath it all there are painful, heart wrenching stories of parents lost, homelessness, hunger and surviving parents simply not able to take care of their own flesh and blood.
Conventional wisdom says that you rely and develop your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. In the Kingdom Jesus introduced, it is through our weaknesses that His power can be displayed in its most powerful form. Each India trip has been in part a continuing miracle of God’s promise to do intensive heart surgery in replacing a dead heart of stone with a living heart of flesh that beats wildly for eternal things that matter. We all grew up in various levels of dysfunction, with abuse and pain hardening our hearts along the way. The good news is that Jesus promises not only to replace hardened hearts but even more amazing, to reveal His power through our weakness to shine a glory that at this point in time is a small glimpse of what is truly real.
This is what I learned from my children on this trip. They are princes and princesses, as kings and queens in God’s Kingdom of Love and Compassion. In many respects, they are the hope for places like India. With broken hearts that Jesus is transforming, they shine like a bright light, beaming forth the Glory of God.

Do you see it?