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Saying Goodbye

Here we are, once again, having to say our goodbyes to all of the amazing children and staff here at CEM. As we walk the kids to school in a few minutes for the last time, emotions will run high and there will be a difficulty in fully understanding how we have become so close to so many people in such a short time.

This team has amazed me!! This week has been full of so many great stories, relationships built, lessons learned, love shared, and growth in our walk with God. Words cannot describe how this feels but suffice it to say that we can see Jesus in the face of every person here.

Initially I was a little disappointed in how few posts were added to this blog throughout the week, but then I realized that it isn’t because our team in lazy, it is because we have been so busy pouring ourselves into the people that we simply didn’t have time. My prayer is that the team continues to blog after our return home.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed us through this amazing journey. What a great week!

Jim – For the team