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The Christ of the Indian Road

E. Stanley Jones, when he wrote his book, “The Christ of the Indian Road”, really ruffled up a lot of evangelical feathers of his day with the liberal idea that if Christ is be of any level of significance, it must be a uniquely cultural expression, not a particular formulation imported exclusively from western ideas or denominations. Well Jaya at CEM has honored the good that is within the Indian people and I must say from one looking from the outside in there is very much good that is worthy of keeping in which has lead to a unique expression of an Indian Jesus that I find amazing. A culture steeped in deep respect of others and gratefulness I saw demonstrated this morning as I join my dear Indian brothers and sisters in Christ in worship. I am so very proud of these very humble and thoroughly kind people, shy until they come to openly love and worship the Christ of the Indian Road without reservation and without shame. It inspires me year after year when I visit, to grow in my worship of the only great God, Jesus, who is the real one with all the power.
Sal Aragona for the team.