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Impact India 360

I am having a blast here in India. This is becoming more than I ever could have imagined. The kids here have so much love in them. All there little faces just light up when they see you and it is such a good feeling. Since I have been here I have been able to do quite a few things with the kids such as the morning exercises, going to the chapel, walking them to and from school, doing crafts and playing with them. The kids love to tell you what to do-sing, dance, sit, and stand. It is too funny. I wish I could take all the kids home with me but its not possible so its a good thing jaya is here taking good care of them.
~Krystle Guhy~

One Response to “Wow”

  • I know how you feel,Krystal I did pretty much everything you did a year ago and reading the blog everytime bring back so many great memories. The kids here take so many things for granted and are never as happy as those kids there are, and they have nothing. Enjoy every moment those kids they are amazing.