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Ready to Go!

What your looking at is what Jess and I are bringing to India. Multiply that by ten and you have all the cargo that will accompany the team on our journey to Dowlaiswaram, India. Needless to say, we’ll be snatching the nearest luggage carts at each airport! We fly out of Detroit at 7:25 tonight for Amsterdam. From there we immediately hop on a plane to Mumbai, India. In Mumbai we have a seven hour layover after which we hop on another plane for Hyderabad, India. From there it’s just one more puddle jumper to Rajamundhry where we hop on a bus to CEM!! Total travel time: approx. 33hrs. Zoinks! The travel will be worth it. Small price to pay for a Savior who did what He did for us. And a small price to pay to share in the joy to be had at CEM. Please pray for seamless travel as we embark on our journey. We love you all!

One Response to “Ready to Go!”

  • So excited for each one of you and all that God is going to do in and through you all. Can’t wait to read the blogs and see pictures of all those beautiful children.

    Be blessed and safe,
    Cindy K (Tracy’s mom) Love you Tracy!