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A Hole in our Gospel

A disturbing book recently authored by Richard Stearns called “The Hole in our Gospel” provides unsettling questions of the priority of justice for the poor and vulnerable in our “gospel”. It strikes to the core of the internal safety nets we all web to grasp a bit of precieved false security we don’t want to lay down. We want safety, we want comfort, we want predictability. We don’t want to be disturbed.
While we go on asking how much a particular person gives, Jesus asks how much does a person keeps, much as His response to the rich young ruler when asked what he must do to gain eternal life. Some of our heart will not cut it. That is why I love what we are doing through CEM in India with providing compassionate medical care for the desperately poor who cannot understand anything until the gospel is demonstrated by kind compassion in action.
The impact of this new mission hospital cannot be limited or overstated by human reasoning or perspective. Ephesians 3:20-21 promises that God will accomplish immeasurably far more than all we ask for or imagine possible. Once up and fully operational, it can provide compasssionate medical care to anywhere between 2500-5000 desperately poor people per week! There are huge risks with developing a self sustanable mission hospital. The rewards far, far outway the risks in this instance. A kingdom of ccompassion that quite frankly will not and cannot be stopped or hindered empowered by a God who is there. And a people that are courageously following Jesus’ instructions to lose and laying down their life for His sake and the Gospel will find their life and that to the full, not holding back anything!
Sal Aragona for the team