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Christ in His most distressing disguise

I have MS and I, like the poor, feel trapped by circumstances that I cannot change and lose hope. Here at CEM the poor can overcome their circumstances and restore their hope. Richard Stearnes in his book, “The Hole in our Gospel”, states that the poor are human beings with rich cultural and personal stories of their own. They have hopes and dreams, tragedies and trials in their lives. They need us to love them first and then listen to them. They need us to see their assests and their God-given abililities. Mother Teresa once said, “when we see those who are poor as God sees them, we will glimpse His image in their faces-Christ in His most distressing disguise.”

I saw His image in the face of Venkata, one of the children at Grace Children Home at CEM. This morning I shared at the 6:00 AM chapel with the children at GCH. While she was holding the microphone for my talk, I remembered her heart wrenching story-her parents lost everything they had from the river flooding and became homeless and helpless to care for her. Without CEM and Grace Children Home, she would be one of the 20 million homeless children in India without hope or any future.

I also saw His image in the face of the widows at the sewing school at CEM. I grew up in a bicultural home and learned to sew. These widows like many of my immigrant relatives can obtain work with their new sewing skills. By sharing my story with these brave women, their hope was lifted. – Vita Aragona for the team.

One Response to “Christ in His most distressing disguise”

  • Vita, You are an amazing woman! I was excited to hear your travels have been good. Your presence at CEM is a wonderful blessing which I pray you are feeling and knowing beyond words. Thank you for your heart and being an amazing inspiration!