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"Gooooodmooorning Maaaadaaam"

The title of this blog is a sample of how we are greeted every morning by the precious Jaya English Medium School (JEMS) kids. As soon as we’re in view of the classroom the children promptly stand and turn to us with a little salute, then begins the chorus of “Good Morning Madam” and “Thank You Madam” (mind you, we haven’t even given them anything yet). They are so proud of the few English words in their vocabulary. My favorite part of the greetings are the rhymes the kids recite. Some of the favorites are “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, and “Hot Cross Buns”. At the top of their lungs, with their little munchkin voices, they sing their hearts out!

The crafts have gone pretty smooth. We’ve decorated bracelets with jewels, frisbee’s with stickers, made name tags, and colored activity books. I have to say, the activity books were a huge hit. Thank you to Sarah Million’s dad for providing the books to 200 children, half way around the world that he’s never met. What a blessing!
These children are the most generous, polite, and loving kids I have ever been around. They are the first to help their classmates with math problems, the first to assist in translating the few words they know, and the first to make sure we are comfortable. They have every reason to be cranky, territorial, and selfish with their gifts but I haven’t seen these characteristics in any of them.
There is something to be said about the people of India. They are stricken with poverty, disease, and what we see as hopelessness but they are rich with God’s love and they display it at every turn.
-Jessica for the team

One Response to “"Gooooodmooorning Maaaadaaam"”

  • I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear about the precious kids in JEMS and today was the perfect day. I’ve been under the weather today, and starting the day off hearing you speak of them was the best. They have my heart. You nailed it when describing their munchkin voices. 🙂 That’s awesome. Sad you all will be leaving soon. I don’t want your sharing to end. God Bless You!!