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Impact India 360

Well, the team is home safe and sound–another trip to India complete. There are two things that really struck me this time around, my sixth trip to India.
First is how, although cultures differ, people are really all the same. We all have the same needs, all feel the same feelings, all want to be acknowledged and loved. This was exemplified during our last night at CEM where my wife, Jess, got to spend time with the girls pictured above discussing all the things girls talk about when we guys aren’t around. Through the helpful interpretation of Subha Lakshmi (far left), Jess was able to see first hand that these girls were no different than girls back here in the U.S. chatting away at any typical pajama party.
Second, is how faithful God is. As long as it is in accordance with God’s will, He will provide. Sal and Vita prayed about whether or not Vita should take on the challenges of traveling half way across the world with Vita’s limitations. They felt God was saying “yes”. Nevertheless, we were still concerned about “all the things that could go wrong” while trying to navigate travel to India. Like I said, God provides. In my six times traveling to and from India, I have NEVER had more seamless travel. I’m still in awe at how smooth things went.
When Jim Mayes asked (or should I say volunteered) me to lead this trip with Sal my immediate thought was, “I can’t”. But then I thought about how God uses people despite their weaknesses and shortcomings. I thought about how He wants to grow people to help bring His Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. I decided to give it my best shot knowing once again that God is faithful. I have to say that my experience leading this trip was blessed and I my trust in God has been elevated to a new level. God is faithful.
Thanks to all who have supported this trip through prayer and finances. I truly believe that its success was a byproduct or your faithfulness.
Peace and love,

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