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Sensory Overload

May I be honest? In my numerous trips overseas, I have seen firsthand, many faces of the poor. “The poorest of the poor” everyone says, and India has its own version in this small slice of life that we’re immersed with this week. Water buffolo and children walking to school share the same narrow roads, the heat and humidity drains our energy while the children encourage us with” I run, you chase?”and slight breezes cause even the children to wrinkle their noses as we pass by open streams of sewage. Polite, well-groomed, uniformed children who own one pair of shoes used only on school days. Just a few quick observations but once again a welcoming and loving people who sacrifice to provide these foreigners with luxuries they would never allow themselves like soda pop and air conditioned rooms for retreating to whenever we feel overwhelmed by our temporary circumstances. Barbara Doescher

One Response to “Sensory Overload”

  • Barb, Thank you for being honest. I can’t find the right words, but am remembering well what you speak of. So much to take in. I’m praying for you with a sweet awareness of God working in and through you and each one on the team. I pray you are keenly aware of His presence.