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Impact India 360
The Walk of Love

Every morning and evening the kids walk to school and even though it’s something they do everyday together when we are here its something special. They hold your hand and make sure you don’t step in a hole or something else you wouldn’t want to step in and guide you through the traffic and people like little tour guides. It’s a breath taking moment from my life they know little about me but still care enough to keep me safe they are like little body guards. When people come to try and shake our hands they brush them away. The kids have about a half mile walk to school and the same home in the evening its down roads that are shared with cows, pigs, dogs, cars, and other people. During the walk the kids will point to something and say it in telugu and say English meaning….. and when you say what it is the smile. Its amazing to have them pour into us just as much if not more as we pour into them they have unconditional love for us and don’t judge us at all. We could learn a lot from them and just love and care for each other no matter what, they look out for each other and help to survive. In a place like this where everyday is just about the same its easy to want to give up but they keep going with a smile and a heart full of love. This is an amazing place full of love in the middle of a city that need so much. God is love and he is here alive and well in the hearts of these kids, may god bless them with a full and happy life.