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Worshiping the Living God

India is a country of huge contrasts. One of the developing economies and yet apalling poverty. A country that is highly religious and yet only about 2% of their 1.2 billion people are followers of Christ. This a country that is hungry both for physical food and also for true spiritual food.
This is my first trip to India. God willing it will not be my last. I have found a group of fellow believers who are striving to advance the Kingdom of God in ways that are similar to mine. And I would love to partner with them to expand the Kingdom here on the sub-continent.
CEM has a Missionary Training School that trains men for the pastorate and women for bivocational ministry. I have the privilege this trip of teaching in the school. Our Indian brethern love to worship and it is passionate and loud. On Sundays, during their chapel times and often before class they sing with conviction and passion. During our class times we have been studying worship from a Biblical perspective and how true worship developes spiritual formation in the live of believers.
Yesterday we finished an especially hard lesson on the pathways of worship and how it brings us into close communion with Father. After I finished teaching we had a season of worship that brought tears to my eyes. While I rarely understood what they were singing the Spirit of God permeated the room and I sensed Father’s pleasure in our worship of Him.
God is alive here in India and I believe that he is raising up a generation of people who will advance the Kingdom in amazing ways for God. Pray for them as they finish their training and apply what they are learning in their personal lives and in the lives of their flocks. Vallen Prest

One Response to “Worshiping the Living God”

  • Vallen,
    I am praising God for you and with you!! Your words bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of the heart of Father and the heart of his disciples at CEM. I can feel and hear what you’re speaking of, and I’m all the way back here.
    (I love how you call him Father, not the Father or our Father.) I don’t know you, but look forward to learning from you in years to come.