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Challenging Paradigms

One of the things I find fascinating about Jesus was his ability to break down existing Paradigms. He was constantly challenging the order of the day. When the religious leaders asked him which was the greatest commandment, he added a key truth: that loving God with our whole heart really just meant loving others as ourselves. He turned things completely upside down when he said, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first” implying the key to true power was in serving. So I should not be surprised that our team challenged a few Paradigms this week. In our “Clean and Green” project, we picked up trash off the streets. Many people of the community wondered why we were doing this. One small group of adults even laughed and mocked us, which was confusing to me. But later, I understood why. You see, in India, only the lowest class of people pick up trash. Even for this community of 50,000 people, 40,000 of whom live below the India poverty line, picking up the trash is beneath them. And so it just builds up, polluting their community and polluting their hope. If God made the world so we could see Him in the beauty of creation, the filth and ugliness is keeping a part of God hidden. So in just one small act, we restored beauty and carried on Jesus’ legacy of shattering Paradigms. Mostly though, we simply loved on God by loving and serving these beautiful people of India.
Jeff for Team India

One Response to “Challenging Paradigms”

  • Hopefully that message will ring true with the laughing onlookers and challenge their own paradigm — but that may take a few more trips. 🙂 Regardless, it always feels good when you’re helping and serving! What an amazing set of entries in this blog. Thanks for sharing.