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Clean and Green-Multicultural Trash Pick Up Day

At our team meeting they announced we would be going with some of the older students to pick up trash around the city after we dropped the kids off at school. I knew they were serious after I saw the big pile of lawn trash bags. We aren’t supposed to drink the water, but we’re going to be picking up trash…interesting.

After passing out some gloves, we started at the kid’s school, and worked our way back to CEM, a motley crew of Americans and Indians picking up trash, laughing, and smiling in the hot sun. You can learn a lot from a place by picking up their trash, and they seem to love little cups of ice cream that cost a few cents.

Some people came up and said thanks, some laughed at us, and some weren’t exactly sure what to make of it. The little project even made the local paper.

While I would not have suggested this event, working side by side and showing love for Dowlaiswaram in this unique way was cool. Even though the streets will get dirty again, as they often do, hopefully the images of two cultures coming together and demonstrating love for the city will remain.

Robert Watson-Hemphill