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Today was quite a day, the hospital saw it’s first patients! A lot of what they saw were general medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. It is so incredible to think that 2 years ago the “C.E.M. Multi Specialty Hospital” was just a dream and today that dream really became reality. The pictures I have posted do not do it justice. As one of our teammates, who has been all over the world, has told me, “this is amazing, you don’t see things like this anywhere”! What a testament to what our BIG God can do when we listen to His calling and become His hands and feet.

The dental clinic is where I spent most of my time. The three people working in the dental room of the hospital (Sal, Tom, and Julie) saw patients from the community and of the children of Grace Home. There were quite a few extractions. The dentists are beginning the long process of examining all of the children’s teeth and documenting any decay or cavities they may have. Once the x-ray machine is up and running they will be doing a more detailed examination of the kids. Julie, one of our teammates, is applying to dental school so it was so great to see her in action here! She got to examine patients and even do a few extractions under the watchful eye of Sal. What a cool experience!
When it came time to examine the children, Bethany and I had the pleasure of singing to them and holding their little hands. Some were terrified, others came in the room with a proud smile. Dr. Sal and Dr. Tom examined them while Julie started the documentation. I understand now why the dentists are a proponent of the sugar free candy! In the end, I felt so blessed that I got to bring a little comfort to my little brothers and sisters in India. Every time I come here a little piece of my heart is left behind and this time is no exception.

Held by Him,

2 Responses to “Healing”

  • SUGAR FREE…. lol. That is amazing that the hospital is now up and running. It seems like just yesterday we were walking through the scaffolding and trying to picture the finished product. I can’t wait to hear about all of the changes and see the pictures of our brothas and sistas. xoxox

  • We announced your trip at the service last night. Lindsey did announcements and mentioned it and pointed out the blurb in our newsletter as well. So people are praying for you! Have a great trip. See you in a week!