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Impact India 360
Humbled Rockstar

Yesterday while in Rajahmundry, we came across the humanity that is India. Everywhere you looked you were humbled by what you saw. The poverty and need is severe. Like NYC, there were many homeless and helpless. I wanted to give all the money I had away, but at the risk of starting a riot I could not. We walked around for almost two hours and it was hard for me to even find anything to purchase. Mainly you found the necessities for life, but even that might be a stretch. There is no way to articulate the sights, smells and sounds. It’s hard to understand how people live like this from my frame of view.

However, while being humbled, you feel like a rockstar. Everywhere you go, people come out of the woodwork to take your picture, shake your hand and sometimes just run out of the crowd, touch you, and run away. It is a small taste of celebrity. On Sunday, after church, the elderly came for outreach and to be prayed for. They want you to lay hands on them and pray…as if our “whiteness” holds some kind of special powers. They couldn’t even tell me what they need prayer for or understand what my prayer for them was. Sometimes they would point to their back or some wound on there body, but mostly they stare at you with a desperate look and put their hands together in the prayer position. What can you do? How can you help? Where do you start?!

Its definitely an odd feeling to be so very humbled by what you see and experience yet feel like a rockstar with all the photos, handshaking, and even autographs…maybe a bit like Jesus felt, except I’m certain He was able to put it in perspective better than I.

Truly Thankful,

Mike V