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Life Tokens

Each night the team gathers for instructions, questions and concerns, etc and then there are Life Tokens…………. Each team member is encouraged to share something (a Life Token) they are going to leave behind in India…..something they are going to surrender to our good God. This surrender involves a deep and intimate sharing that requires a high level of vulnerability and trust to share such brokenness. Folks bear their soles with the team and God is loving it! There is something about pure and raw honesty that is very healing. It is healing for the person sharing the token as well as for others on the team. Besides all people being part of the Body of The Christ, my hope is that we all also realize we share in our brokenness……. we should focus on its healing and find ways to use it for God’s glory! Well, I do know that is happening here and now in India……

chris g.

3 Responses to “Life Tokens”

  • Hi Chris, I am posting this message on behalf of your Popseroo.. no not but Dad Gortat.. He has been following everyones blogs and wanted you to know that just as you are talking about honesty the service tonight at KCC by Steve Norman was discussing the importance of honesty and revealing your true thoughts and feelings.

    If you call me Mr. Gortat I will give you my email info so it will make it easier to post a message.. 🙂

  • Safe travels home!!! xoxox

    Just know the world is a better place because of your team and the love of God that you have shared with the people of India!

  • I meant to say because of all of you on this team the world is a better……