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It’s been 8 years since I was last here. I can’t believe the changes and all that God has done. It’s a real faith booster!

When I was here last time, I met a little girl named Tara and I fell in love with her. She was 12 years old and full of spunk. She was glued to my side most of the time I was here. One day when all the kids were in school, I came around a corner and there she was, crying. I tried to get out of her, in the little English she spoke, why she was upset. I didn’t get much, so I hugged her and sent her back to school. Then I cried. She really had a tender spot in my heart. While I was crying, Jaya’s daughter found me and explained to me that Tara was a strong willed child and difficult to discipline. (That was me as a child! Maybe that’s why we connected!) She assured me that Tara would be fine and that I shouldn’t worry about her.

A couple years later, Craig came back from one of his trips and told me Tara was no longer there. She had gone back to her mother, apparently. I knew I would most likely never see her again. I often thought about her and wondered if she was still with her mother, if she was eating, if she was okay. I worried about her.

Every Sunday they have chapel here and many people from the village come for the service. Before chapel, I was thinking about her again and told Gina Petherick all about her and how often I thought of her and wondered if she was alright. Then during the service, a woman walked out of the chapel with a crying baby and was standing by me, consoling the baby. I kept looking at her, thinking how familiar she looked and how beautiful she is.

After the service, she came up to me, with her mother, and said, “I’m Tara”. !! I about lost it!! She is married and her baby is GORGEOUS. She also had her mother with her! She lives about 13 miles from here and comes on Sundays about twice a month. I could not believe it. She looks the same in the face, but is a 20 year old woman now! I was blown away.

It was such a gift from God to me. I praise God for Jaya and his family and their willingness to literally be the hands and feet of Jesus to this community, so that someone like little Tara can be taken care of and most importantly, know the love of Jesus. Thank you, God!

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