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The Indian Jesus

Why write on a white person’s view of the Indian Jesus? I have considered to do this by praying the dangerous “listening prayer” as formatted by Mary Geegh in her booklet “God Guides” presented by Pray America, a remarkable woman of God as full time missionary to India. This is what I believe I received from God as guidance to that listening prayer:

“Go, I will be with you. I will use you in India to encourage my church there. You will see me in those precious people, I will show myself in the weak and the suffering. I will demonstrate my power and glory in ways that you have not imagined or thought possible. I am the Lord Almighty, King and sustainer of everything, nothing is too great for me to accomplish.”

Well, with that kind of “calling”, I go and after 13 visits to India since 2003, I have not only sense God going before me but even more incredibly, I am seeing Jesus in these Indian people and tell of this amazing Indian Jesus who is already there! India is a nation of over a billion people, with estimates that will surpass China in population in the next several years. There are area’s of India in large cities such as Mumbai (Bombay) that the humanity density approaches one million people per square mile.
Traditional church history tells us that Jesus’ disciple Thomas traveled to ancient Babylon (Iraq) and then to Persia (Iran). Later in 52 AD he sailed south to the western coast of India where he preached relentlessly and established churches that included even the high caste Hindus of these regions. He eventually traveled to the eastern coast of India. Known as the Apostle of India, he was martyred near the city of Madras (Chennai) while sharing Jesus to the Hindus, he was thrown into a pit and impaled on a spear by a Brahmin priest. When Portuguese explorers landed in the early 1600’s, they were amazed to find a group of Christian Indians worshipping at the Mar Thoma (St. Thomas) Church established by the apostle Thomas nearly 1500 years earlier. Thanks to him, Christianity came to India long before it went to England or Western Europe yet it failed to flourish with only 2 percent of India’s population claiming to be Christian despite of 2000 years of evangelical effort. Why? Part of it may be that this is a tough crowd with shear staggering numbers of humanity. Part of it may be that traditional evangelical efforts simply to preach to the masses the Gospel are largely ineffective while showing the Gospel in works of compassion may turn the tide. Part of it is simply a rejection of western Christianity and a deep desire to embrace an Indian Jesus who is already there and waiting to be invited in that stems from an “oppression psychosis”.

I am a white person who is witnessing this authentic expression. Jesus is in India and He is alive and well! – Sal Aragona