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Ticket to Paradise

What my wife is holding is the boarding pass to our flight out of Detroit–our ticket to paradise. “Paradise?”, you might say. India is a land of unchurched people rife with poverty, suffering, and hopelessness. How can this be paradise? Well, in a land of contradictions such as India this is the case for many of the repeat India missionaries headed out today on our trip (and what we pray will be the case for the newbys on the trip). It is in this place of abject poverty that we are able to give and receive the love of Christ. It is in this place of litter and pollution that we are able to see the face of Jesus in the faces of the children. It is in this place of sickness and disease that we are able to internalize what really matters in life. So for us India is a paradise of sorts. One filled with joy and love. One in which we are eager to return!
Thanks to all who are following this blog! Please cover us in prayer 🙂
Greg G