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Impact India 360
We Made It

Hello from Dowlaiswaram, India! Well, we had some casualties (2 bags of luggage, 2 pillows, and a few mildly sick team members) but here we are. After 30 + hours of travel we arrived to the loving people of Christ Evangelical Mission showering us with the traditional barrage of flower petals. From there we took a tour of CEM and then spent some exhausting hours playing with the Grace Children.

It’s good to once again be amongst our loving friends at CEM.

Peace and zzzzzz’s

Greg G

2 Responses to “We Made It”

  • I am so excited that you all arrived safely! Ah, yes, the barrage of flower petals. How well I remember. A site to behold! Beauty in the highest. I hope to return and work with Sal again on the dental team. I will be praying that HE heal this team completely from the woes of travel and that you will all touch the lives of many in this very quick time! Have a blessed week!

  • So glad to hear you are there and WOW sorry to hear about the little mishaps… I will be praying for the health of the team! 🙂