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Meet the October 2011 Team!

Hello friends and supporters of CEM! It’s time for another mission trip! The team has been assembled and meeting together for the past month and we are just over a week away from heading out. Take a minute and meet them:

Chris Cook – Since my first visit in 2002, CEM and the people of India have been permanently woven into my soul. Every year around this time, I need to go and get a full dose of perspective that only the people of Dowlaiswaram can give me. After taking a year off for the birth of my daughter, I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends again and continuing to build the relationships that started years ago. I’m also looking forward to bringing back a ton of photos! You can get my perspective of India as a photographer on Impact India 360’s website.

Bill Gibbons – It’s hard to believe that my first mission trip was already 10 years ago. Time has flown during the last decade with fast paced life and many demands on time. I believe that God is leading now to re-engage in mission trips and I am excited to see what God has to teach me. The last trip to Mexico expanded my view of God and provided a very unique opportunity to link with my family and team members. I leave for India with expectations of seeing God at work and having my preconceived notions of God and how He works redefined.

Patti Gibbons – This is my first mission trip outside North America and I’m excited to see God’s kingdom at work in an unfamiliar environment. I look forward to participating in Jaya’s mission of extending God’s love to people who are strangers to me, but who are intimately known and highly treasured by an omniscient God whose mind, unlike mine, is not boggled at the thought of a country with over one billion souls. I’m plugging my nose and jumping in!

Chris Gortat – This will be my second mission trip (along with my biological brother, Greg!). It is going to be an honor and pleasure to serve God by serving both the people of Dowlaiswaram and our team members. Why serve the poor on the other side of the world? Well, why not? Please pray for the team that we are steeped in the love of our good God and are able to be The Christ to the people of India and they are to be The Christ to us.

Greg Gortat – I’ve been making trips over to Dowlaiswaram, India yearly since 2007.  It’s really been a win-win situation.  God has been using these trips to grow me spiritually and to be a blessing to the beautiful people of CEM.  Once again I am looking forward especially to working with the children of Grace Children’s Home located within the CEM campus.  They’ve, in a sense, been teaching me how to be a dad. Which is priceless because next year, for the first time, I’m gonna be the real thing!

Jim Mayes – It is hard to believe that this will be trip number 15 to CEM for me! I think at this point I should be an honorary Indian. But seriously, as I reflect on the many trips over that past five years I can’t help but consider the profound impact that Jaya and all of the wonderful staff members, children at Grace Children’s Home and Jaya’s family have had on my life. Cross-cultural ministry does come with its challenges, but nowhere else have I experienced the presence of God and been witness to His divine providence worked out through an unyielding obedience. So many lives are impacted by Jaya’s ministry, and as I make this next journey I am excited to spend time with a beloved friend and several hundred people that work daily to expand God’s Kingdom by loving their neighbors.

Karen Nicholas – I have participated in short-term trips for the past 10 years and never dreamed I would have this opportunity to serve in India. I am so excited to visit Jaya’s ministry and to meet the beautiful children I have seen in photo after photo over the years. I am anxious to see how God is going to use me on this trip and thrilled to take in the sights, sounds and life of India. I pray that my heart will be broken anew for the people of India.

Peg Ohman – If a year ago you would have told me that I would be going to India on a short-term trip, I probably would have said you were crazy! How God can change our hearts. I’m so excited to be a part of this trip and I can’t wait to meet the children! My prayer is that God will use me to further His Kingdom and to show love to the children of India.

Valen Prest – This will be my second trip to India. After last year’s trip I knew I would be returning. While in India I became aware of the need for raising up leaders who lived out the call to servant leadership. Following my return I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to return and teach on the subject of Biblical leadership. Having previously trained leaders and having recently spoken on the subject of Biblical leadership out of the book of Nehemiah I this was going to be my subject for the Missions Training School students this year. Last year I think I learned as much if not more then these future pastors gained. I believe that God has some new lessons for me this trip. I am thrilled to again be used by God in this trip and excited to see what God will be teaching me throughout this trip and how He will impact the lives of followers of Christ half way around the world.

Thanks so much for your prayers! You’ll be hearing more very soon.

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