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Impact India 360

More often than not, there is a strong human tendency to promise more than one can deliver.  As humans, we have generally learned to take this for granted and adjust our expectations accordingly.   The fact that CEM is such a dramatic departure from this general principle is my favorite part about the ministry.  For everyone who has had the opportunity to visit the Christ Evangelical Mission (CEM) campus, the unanimous chorus is, “Wow, this is more than I expected!”  I will never forget my first visit.  I was absolutely blown away by the joy and the life that resonated from the several hundred individuals who comprised the campus.  Orphans singing, dancing, and praying; Bible School Students preaching; women vocationally equipped to care for their families; children receiving a top-quality education; medical care tenderly delivered to the very “least of these”; all staffed by a radiant group of  Indian staff.

It can be taken for granted that all who taken the time to witness firsthand the CEM ministry have left humbled by the community that they have participated in.  My own personal sense of humility was only deepened by the fact that there is not one iota of entitlement in any aspect of the ministry.  Every member of the CEM campus, both those who give and receive ministry, if such a distinction be used, demonstrates a genuine sense of thankfulness.  It is actually quite embarrassing to receive expressions of such heartfelt thanks when one realizes how little one’s own personal investment cost and how much one has received in only a short stay in this Jesus-centered community.  If you’ve never visited the CEM community, I encourage you to take the trip. However, I must warn you that you do so at your own risk.  Many of those who visit this campus find it hard to get excited about any other ministry after their visit. While this is a legitimate hazard of a visit to the CEM campus, the counter is you’ll have great joy in pouring yourself in this little corner of God’s Kingdom.  You will actually get more than you expected.  That is always a pleasant surprise!

Written by David Curlin, Impact India 360