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An Ordinary Day at Grace Children’s Home

This is our fifth day here, but only the second day of regular routine. The regular weekday schedule was disrupted on Monday when the region shut down in mourning for a senior government official. But the regular school schedule resumed on Tuesday: calisthenics at 5:30, chapel at 6:00, breakfast, and then the parade to school through the streets of the village with the children above 5th grade. The children compete to hold our hands, and we move from pair to pair in order to give attention to as many children as possible. They’re all delightful–happy faces and eager conversationalists, with the most frequent topics of conversation being grade level, age and favorite color. The children love to connect with us, and our frustration with the limitations of language is met with the realization that in heaven we will be able to converse freely and know each other fully.

We spent the rest of the morning and this first part of the afternoon doing crafts with the elementary age children who attend school here at the campus. There’s no other word for it–the children are simply “adorable”. I am so grateful for this place that provides a safe haven for these little ones–good food, clothing, a safe place to sleep, LOTS of brothers and sisters, and good people to care for them and point them to Jesus as the One Who is our true hope, our refuge, our treasure, our path to the Father.