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Building Relationships

Today we met with the Grace Children to update their pictures and profiles. They were asked questions regarding their current grade, hobbies, prayer requests, etc. At first, we were in a classroom; then we moved to the courtyard because the room was getting too hot. It was an honor to have this interaction and allowed us to get to know the children on a deeper level. It warmed my heart when a child included our team in his prayer requests. And it broke my heart to ask them if their parents were still alive. I cannot imagine the average child being asked this question. This my have broken my heart yet it also gave me a better appreciation for the love my parents shared with me as a child.

Asking the children for their prayer request and general health was one of the highlights for me. In a couple of instances, it allowed me to opportunity to pray for a child’s “sadness”, improved eye sight, and healing of headaches. What a gift to openly invite the Holy Spirit into this healing! Praise God!

For the team,
chris g.

One Response to “Building Relationships”

  • I was reading this post with your mom & dad & dad could hardly finish because it brought him to tears. Pure love, joy, humility…all the feelings you are probably experiencing yourself right now 🙂