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Children of God

I’ve been to the CEM campus a number of times now. Perhaps my favorite part of each trip is interacting with the kids of Grace Children’s Home. It’s funny. When I first get here it feels like I’m spending time with alien children from a far off galaxy, their language and culture are so different. But as the week progresses a magical thing happens. As I play with them and walk them to school, as I pray with them and learn about their lives, they become nearly the same as kids back home. They have similar personalities, likes and dislikes, and hopes and dreams. It even feels as if the language barrier slips away. There is one thing that sets them apart, though.

Earlier this week I got to help update the children’s profiles for the child sponsorship program at CEM. I got to learn first hand just how dire their situations were prior to arriving at CEM. I was astounded. These kids seemed to be so joyful. Not the rebellious, anxiety-ridden, disaffected youth I would expect coming from such desperate backgrounds. How could this be. Then I remember that these children attend chapel twice daily and praise God with a fervor that rivals none. They study the Bible and learn worship songs. The primary focus of their lives is God. They are keeping the First Commandment. Is it any wonder that they find joy in spite of their poor lot in life? Back home a lot could be learned from these precious children of Grace Children’s home–these children of God.

Greg G

2 Responses to “Children of God”

  • I think I’ll have this song in my head for the remainder of the day!
    We have so much to learn from these little ones; discipline, joy, faith, love, compassion, perseverance… I could go on and on! I feel so blessed that we have the opportunity to do life with them, even if it is just a couple of times a year.

  • These are amazing children! They have taught me more about faith and worship than anyone I know. I am glad you are enjoying them Greg and cannot wait to see my kids soon on the next trip!